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Fraktalia is my portfolio site which provides released Unity Assets and Games. The main focus of my Unity Assets is procedural content generation and can be used to generate mystical objects such as fractals, ornamens or gemstones.

My blog mostly contain posts about life, freedom and money and my progress about escaping the rat race. Sometimes development posts are also included as refresher.

We were never as stessed and impatient as it is now. Everyone is in a hurry, no one has time. Everyone trades finite time for potential infinite money. The average human life time is 700800 hours!

Recent posts:

1 year hamster wheel

1 year hamster wheel: I worked at my junior developer job for one year and in another post, I did the math about employment:and the result clearly showed that working under certain conditions is not worth your time. My life during the last year 2019 was basicly: 6:30...

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Money and Classes

Different money for different classes: Have you ever noticed that poor people of different classes use different money? 500 years ago, money only existed as coins and they were made of copper, silver and the most noble metal gold. The value of each coin is directly...

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Escape the hamster wheel: Level 3

Escape the hamster wheel: Financial Security: If you are in your job and invest the money you earn in Real Estate, Stocks and Education, you are at level 2. Level 2 can be very exhausting since the whole social system works against you. However sooner or later your...

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Coffee time:

When a magician cast a spell, magical energy is consumed. In the real world, programmers also create magical spells which consume brain power. Magicians usually drink a bluish colored potion to restore their magical energy. Software developers restore their brain energy with a brown liquid called coffee.

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