Ornament Generator

Create sacred geometry with one mouse click:

The ornament generator generates objects according to algorithms similar to the Dreamstar Generator. While the Dreamstar Generator only handle two dimensions, the ornament generator also inludes the third dimension which allows much more possibilities. It can generate decorative objects like pillars, spheres, stars and much more with one mouse click. The ornament generator is currently the final entry of my generator series however things may chang in the future. This generator has three different possibilities to generate stuff. The first one is the crystalline version which use a basic shape which is multiplied and merged together to create the ornament. The other option is to create ornaments by using a cross pattern which is then extruded across all calculated positions. The final option is to align selected game objects according to the pattern which is useful for presentations as it is often tedious to align objects manually.


I usually prefer games which are athmospheric and mystical like dark souls. In such games, objects generated by this asset can be used to represent any magical objects. My passion is to create ways to reduce game development costs. The downside of developing a game is the sheer amount of artwork required which quickly destroys any budget. One way to reduce development costs is to let the computer create the content for you, instead of creating them manualy. The generation algorithms used by this generator are very simple and yet create amazing results. Also it is very easy to create your own algorithms with minor coding skills which also is explained in the documentation. The attached video shows what it can do for a small price of 15$.