Voxel Generator

Creating sculptable objects:

During college, I always want to develop a voxel engine. However, due to the workload of the bachelor degree, I never had the time to develop such thing. However, I was really lucky during the master degree and got the opportunity to develop a voxel engine in Unity3D as part of my master thesis. I somehow managed to convince the supervisors to write something related to voxels. Although they changed the topic a little bit, but the main part was still the engine. The topic was about teaching sculpting using VR and the voxel engine was required in order to simulate the marble block.

The issue was that existing engines were never sufficient because the requirements were that you can sculpt with different tools at target resolutions. In sculpting, you have coarse tools for the raw work and fine tools for the more detailed stuff. The main issue of existing systems was the inflexibility of the engine itself. There are these terrain assets in the asset store which create complete worlds, but a high resolution voxel block was the requirement. Then most of their source code was C++ based and accessed in Unity using bridges. So the only solution was to develop one.


Full flexible voxel engine:

The voxel generator allows the creation of blocks, which can then be sculpted into any desired shape inside the Unity editor or in the game itself. You can mix visualization modules together in order to create blocks with any desired property. Mix marching cubes and detail placement together to create highly detailed terrain. It is also possible to manipulate the data structure itself, so you can decide between low memory consumption using the default octree or high performance trees. Also, dynamically saving and loading in real time is possible. It is just amazing how far you can optimize stuff since during master thesis, loading took more one minute. The voxel generator is my eight product, and I am working on it for about 5 years now. Additionally, a free Documentation is available, but I recommend watching the video below where you can see this tool in action.

Migration back to Unity3D

After testing out self-hosting, I have decided to move back to the Unity Asset store for 40$. During the time it was not available, I have improved it alot as it contains many new features. Additionally I solved one of the biggest issue for customers:

You can now test the asset before you buy it!

It is fairly simple:
There is now an educational version available for downloading! The educational version contains the whole functionality of the paid asset, which the single difference that it creates a watermark during play mode. If you don’t mind the watermark, you can completely develop your project with it and only buy it at the end when you are about to release your product!. The watermark only appears in play mode. If you use it as authoring tool for level editing, it may be possible to completely use the educational version!

The watermark appears when the engine has work to do during play mode!

Download the educational version below! Overall, this should remove the uncertainity customers have with Unity Assets!