Procedural game and life development

Real life as video game


Fraktalia is my portfolio site which provides released Unity Assets and Games. The main focus of my Unity Assets is procedural content generation and can be used to generate mystical objects such as fractals, ornaments, gemstones and much more.

I love video games and also see the real-life like a video game. The video game called “Real Life” has the best visual quality ever and includes the most realistic physics-based voxel engine ever. However, the gameplay is absolutely the worst. For most people, the gameplay is standing up, going to work, work 8 hours for someone else, go home, sleep, and repeat until you die without having done anything meaningful.

Therefore, the blog contains stuff about the game “Real-Life”, its mechanics and especially avoiding the dangers like dept which can ruin your whole life.

Recent posts:

Relocation! End of Unemployment

Relocation to Germany: Unemployment had ended at 15.07.2020 as I got a really nice job in Germany. It is so sad that the economy for Software Developers is so terrible and underpaid in Austria. Just some little numbers: I wrote about 70 applications to companies in...

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What is a hamster wheel?

When is a job a hamster wheel? Now during unemployment, I had time to review my last year during the entry-level job. What was good, what was bad and I found some cues about what is a hamster wheel. Usually, when you visit blogs about financial freedom, they generally...

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Coffee time:

When a magician cast a spell, magical energy is consumed. In the real world, programmers also create magical spells which consume brain power. Magicians usually drink a bluish colored potion to restore their magical energy. Software developers restore their brain energy with a brown liquid called coffee.

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