Google AdSense Advertisment:


Yesterday I checked the integration of Google AdScence to and it worked. Here are the steps required to get Google AdSense Working:


  1. Have a Google Account
  2. Launch the Google AdSence page and connect your google account.
  3. Register your page inside the AdSense page.
  4. Wait until Google has validated your page.
  5. Add this Site Kit Plugin which is provided by Google in your WordPress-Admin view.
  6. Follow the steps in the Site Kit setup guide.


Now advertisments will appear on your web page if “Automatic Advertisment Placement” is activated inside the AdSense view. I reccomend to turn this thing off since it places advertisment in a way so the user cannot interact with the page. I tested this on mobile and seriously why do they place them so bad.


Take controll over AdSense placements:


Instead using Automatic Placement, I generated these “Advertisment Blocks” and it seems that only the “In-Feed” works decent enough on mobile and PC. In-Article and Display blocks also work but break on mobile. Also I turned off every auto placement except these In-Page since these seem to work. If they do strange things, I also turn these off. Then I made a block prefab which contains such advertisment panel. Now I can create these advertisment blocks at chosen blocks like below. Sometimes they get filled with advertisment and sometimes they do not get filled. It is completely random.


Does AdSense make sense?


Now this page contains advertisment and it should somehow generate money. Since the traffic to this site is pretty low, it will not generate much. Actually AdSense is a way to generate passive income but is it really passive if you have to constantly provide content in order to keep the traffic high? What if you do not post anything? Then the earnings will probably drop and your passive income is gone. Since you can include AdSense to you page why not including it? But please if you include ads, take over control of your advertisement placement and place them to save locations. And always test them on a mobile device! Advertisment is ok but not if it makes interaction difficult or impossible.


Edit after Testing it:


I have decided to turn of automatic placement after seeing the advertisement placed at a very obnoxious position inside the text like in this greyed image below. Just what is Google thinking when placing them in a way so it makes reading annoying?


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