Escape the hamster wheel: How to keep the door open:

The cage is still open. But for how long? For some people, the cage remains closed… forever

I have seen many blogs about how to reach X and Y or how to get rich or how to escape the hamster wheel. However those blogs are probably from people which already have archieved exactly that and their guides worked for them and exactly for their specific mindset. There is no guarantee that it will work for you. Since I am still imprisoned in the hamster wheel, I can at least provide a plan which could work for me or for you. In order to get rid of the 9 to 5 hamster wheel job prison, you have to follow crucial guidelines else it will not work. It is always the same like “follow your passion” or “do what you love” but first you have to avoid dangerous traps in order to even have a chance to escape it:

1. Avoid liabilities:

Right! The first crucial step is to prevent the hamster wheel from imprison you completely. This means that you should avoid liabilities at ALL COSTS! I cannot mention this more. Now what are liabilities? Simply things which suck money out of you or in other words your time if you have to trade time for money. Liabilities are cars, rent, marriage, alcohol, smoking and especially dept. Also avoid unneccesary luxury such as vacations. If you life in USA and fell into college dept trap, leave the cancerous country without ever returning. In such situation you have nothing to lose anyway. Once you are in dept, the doors of the hamster wheel are locked for a very long time.

If you fail this, you may never escape the hamster wheel.

2. Avoid responsibilities:

The word “responsibility” already sucks as it is difficult to write and it means being a sponge which has to soak up crap from other people. Re”Sponge”ibility…
So dont get children… and avoid jobs like teacher in primary school, technician where you could end up in prison or a lawsuit if you make a mistake while doing your job due to exhaustion caused by a nasty chief. If something goes wrong, the average company will delegate the mistake down to one employee and this employee then gets sued which may even lead to imprisionment.

Failing this may not prevent you from escaping but makes it more difficult.

3. Vacation efficiency:

Sooner or later, you will need vacation due to exhaustion from the hamster wheel. So the aim is to recharge you energy and there are various methods to do this. The most common method is to visit some overfilled beach in order to get burned by the sun. Now there are 3 issues:

  • First you have two stressful days since you have to travel to the beach and travel home.
  • Second you have huge travel expenses
  • Third you will get sunburn 🙂

Actually the best method to fill up your energy is by visiting a thermal bath and is proven by japanese people as they love it. One day in a thermal bath costs about 20-30€ and there probably is at least one near your local surrounding. Often they are even subsidised by the government as even they seem to know the benefit when they are ready to waste tax money in building these places.

Failing this may not harm the escape plan but reduces stress better which makes it easier to escape the hamster wheel.


So all together the first level is about keeping your expenses as low as possible and avoid luxury and unneeded things. If you follow these points, you have archieved level 1 of escaping the hamster wheel. I generally recommend to see the real life like a game where you have to complete quests in order to archieve something. Archieve everything step by step else everything will overwhelm you. This blog aready has 500+ word and wall of texts are ugly so part 2 will come soon. I already have archieved level 1 since I keep my expenses as low as possible. Also other people, advertisements and emotional feelings should not cause you to buy stuff which you do not need. If you finished level 1, you should have money left since you lowered your expenses which is required for level 2.


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