Escape the hamster wheel: Financial Security:

People stuck at Level 1. Most are trapped in the hamster wheel and are feared by rich people.

If you are in your job and invest the money you earn in Real Estate, Stocks and Education, you are at level 2. Level 2 can be very exhausting since the whole social system works against you. However sooner or later your passive income will reach the point where it pays your living expenses and you attain financial security. Then you are at level 3 and from there on everything is much easier. Now you can follow any dream you want but always consider increasing your passive income in order to attain full financial freedom. Just having to work part time than full time is a huge blessing! From level 3 and upwards, the realm of the rich begins which brings new dangers and pitfals. But since I am not in level 3 the whole post ist based on assumptions and is all about human beings around you:

Danger 1: Yourself

You can be your worst enemy. But this should not be the problem since you managed level 1 else you would not have reached level 3. In some countries your health can be your own enemy if there is no health insurance. Also getting into legal trouble is very dangerous since you have money which can be taken.

If you fail this, you may fall back to level 2 and lose financial security.

Danger 2: Friends

I do not like to interact with people which are not able to beat level 1. In any MMORPG you need strong people working together in order to beat the hard high end dungeons. In such virtual worlds, low level players are not trusted and often labeled as “Scammers” especially in those Pay 2 Win MMOs. If you reach level 3, you still have the same friends before reaching this point with the little difference that you have money and your friends do not. It is like you reach level 50 while all your friends stay at level 3 and barely make any progress. Sooner you want to enter a higher level guild and get rid of your friends. These friends ask you to help them since they assume that you know how to play the game. In the real world they simply ask you for money! They demand that you pay for there mistakes else you end up being “greedy” or any other negative label they throw on you.

So getting rid of those stuck in level 1 is very important. If you fail this… back to the starting point.

Danger 3: Family

Your sister will come to you and asks to borrow money for some luxury liability and they will never pay you back. Better at ask for 300% Interest and act like a loan shark. So be careful if you have relatives in you family which are good at spending money but nothing else. Since you cannot get rid of your family, you have to be extra careful especially if the word “loan” has fallen. What you can to is try to educate them to at least beat level 1.


So all together level 3 is all about the dangers after you earned financial security. The next levels are also similar to level 3 with the minor difference that you controll more money than the level before. Getting more money now is like the grind game in a MMORPG until you reach level 100. You know how to play this game and how to progress. If you managed to enter level 3, you left the tutorial area and the world is now open to you. Sadly 99% of the whole population will never leave the tutorial area and I may also be one of them.

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