Finances after 1.5 years in Switzerland

Having spent the last 1.5 years in Switzerland, I’ve embraced the stability and independence that comes with it. I recently made a significant investment by purchasing an apartment, which has not only provided a sense of permanence but also eliminated the challenges associated with renting, such as dealing with landlords and fluctuating rents. The decision has proven to be financially advantageous as well, with the additional benefit of having 400 CHF each month available for other pursuits or savings. It’s a testament to the satisfaction and security that this chapter of my life in Switzerland has brought, making it a home in every sense of the word.

Fast track to financial freedom:

Embarking on the fast track to financial freedom requires a strategic and diversified approach to investments. Currently, my portfolio is at 240,000 CHF across three key asset classes: Stocks, Real Estate, and Crypto. This carefully curated mix not only reflects a well-rounded investment strategy but also signifies a commitment to capitalizing on diverse market opportunities. The beauty of this financial journey lies in the consistent growth witnessed every month, a testament to the power of smart investment decisions. Navigating the dynamic landscapes of stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrency has not only provided stability but also paved the way for a promising path toward financial independence. Stay tuned as I delve deeper into the insights, challenges, and triumphs of this exciting journey to unlock the secrets of financial freedom.

Thanks to the low tax rate in Switzerland, I could increase my net assets 5x faster than if I had remained in Germany or Austria.

The biggest expense: Home

Embarking on the journey of homeownership has proven to be the most significant and life-changing investment I’ve ever made. Saving diligently for nine months allowed me to accumulate the necessary funds for the down payment on my small one-bedroom apartment, a process that felt like a financial Everest for me. I understand that for many, achieving this feat seems like an insurmountable challenge, which unfortunately keeps them tethered to the rental cycle indefinitely. My modest abode not only provides a sanctuary but also brings peace of mind, knowing that I’m not at the mercy of unpredictable landlords. Yet, the financial commitment was substantial; the down payment alone amounted to a hefty 40,000 CHF. Despite the initial challenges, the decision to invest in homeownership paid off immediately, offering a tangible sense of security and the first step towards breaking free from the rental trap. In sharing my experience, I hope to inspire others to navigate the path to homeownership, as the rewards extend far beyond the financial realm.

You cannot imagine the terrible experiences I had during the 3 years when I had to rent!

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