Life in Switzerland:

Goodbye, land of taxes and fees. I lived in Germany for about 2 years and paid enough taxes. So my aim was to relocate to Switzerland in 2022 as it was my aim even earlier but was impossible due to “Not enough working experience”. In 2022, I got the high paying job in Switzerland, which made the land of freedom accessible for me. Relocating into that country is incredible difficult as the competition is fierce and you either have to be rich or have something else of value. Actually getting into Switzerland, especially when born in poverty, requires an incredible amount of effort. Those who are born in Switzerland were unconsciously smart enough to choose the right birth destination. I lived now in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and it is by far the best country in the world for me. Since I love freedom, it makes sense as Switzerland has the highest Human Freedom Index worldwide. Future posts will provide a guide how to get into the golden land of freedom and what this means financially.

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First days in Switzerland:

I moved to Switzerland in June 2022 as my new Job started in July 2022. As usual, after getting a job, you are allowed to relocate into Switzerland as you need a permit. Usually the employer will help you with this as a middleman is required to get a rent contract for an apartment. Since I had a relative living here, I did not need that middleman. Like my first relocation to Germany, the first days were about exploring the new area and registering at the “Gemeindeamt”. Also, getting the Internet contract was the highest priority. There are many administrative steps like getting mandatory health insurance and bank account. But overall, it can be ordered in precise steps:

  1. Get a job.
  2. Get an rental apartment
  3. Relocate
  4. Register at “Gemeindeamt”
  5. Get the residence permit.
  6. Get the bank account
  7. Get the mandatory health insurance.

You can only do the next step when the previous step is done. Since I speak German, everything was much easier for me than my colleagues at work which did not speak German, but English is accepted as it is a multilingual country with 4 main languages. The employer which you need to solve step 1 will guide you through all other 6 steps.

Land of the freedom:

Despite being a western nation such as the USA or European Country. Everything else works completely different from in traditional western countries. Even the squared shape of the Swizz flag is pretty unique compared to other countries. For me, it’s a white plus, resembling financial gain, while the Austrian flag is a white minus, resembling financial loss. Also, the country with the highest freedom rate means that you have the highest responsibility. With great freedom comes great responsibility. So you have to choose the location which influences your tax rate. You have to choose the right health insurance, pension plans, bank accounts and everything you do cost money.

Switzerland also has no safety net like Germany or Austria. As a foreigner, you have to either find a new job in time or leave the country. However, losing your job is pretty difficult here, as most companies are interested in long term relationships as the employee is seen as an asset not liability. Taxes are incredible low compared to other countries in Europe. It also has a 3-step social security system, which actually is a forced stock market investment portfolio. Like in Germany, I will do a post uncovering hidden taxes. Absolutely everything in Switzerland has value and quality, and you get what you pay for. There is no ruler, no king, no politician, no rich person telling you what to do. You are responsible for your own mistakes, and Switzerland will show you that more than any other country.